A couple of days ago I put up a little web thing called title.love to scratch my own itch of not liking any of the existing titlecasing websites out there that much (and to use a pretty great domain I own). I used David Gouch’s port of John Gruber’s original titlecase script, made a UI […]

Occasionally I need to do something with user defaults from the command line. To do that, you use the appropriately named defaults command. Unfortunately, if you use type defaults domain to list all of the available commands, what you get is a bit hard to parse visually: .GlobalPreferences_m, 182906152, ContextStoreAgent, Mixpanel, MobileMeAccounts, ScopedBookmarkAgent, ZoomChat, app.diagrams.DiagramsMac-setapp, […]

If you’re someone using Ruby on Rails, I strongly recommend you go and clone the Real World Rails repo on GitHub. It’s a collection of full Rails apps that are open source which you can read the code for and see how different people are doing things. Quickly looking at the list, a couple of […]

Coming from languages like Swift and Objective-C, using a proper debugger where I don’t have to edit my code to log something or break, is pretty critical for tracking down issues quickly. So — I thought — we’re using puma-dev to run our Rails app during development, that’s a common setup, and so there must […]