Tech Unions with Ethan Marcotte on the Rooftop Ruby Podcast

Joel and I were lucky enough to be joined by Ethan Marcotte to talk about his new book, You Deserve a Tech Union. It's a fantastic book which I read in it's entirety before getting to interview Ethan on the show.

After the last year and the horrific treatment many full-time and contract tech workers have received, my thoughts on the idea of tech unions have really changed. I wasn't against them before, I just didn't know that it was a realistic thing that could happen. Ethan's book showed me that organized labor both has a long history in tech, and that there are companies with unions right now, like Kickstarter United.

If you're not into Ruby, I still recommend listening to this episode, since the entire discussion has nothing to do with Ruby at all, but does have to do with things all tech workers should be thinking about.

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