Reading With a Pencil


This makes me feel as though I should be reading more books on paper, or at least have a notebook next to me when I read. Reading With a Pencil: I believe that the first step towards becoming a writer is becoming a reader, but the next step is becoming a reader with a pencil. When you underline and circle and jot down your questions and argue in the margins, you’re existing in this interesting […]

Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring


US Supreme Court Anthony Kennedy judge to retire – BBC News: The conservative has been a swing vote on many decisions including the 5-4 rulings that decided same-sex marriage and upheld abortion rights. I’d like to think that I’m not one to panic, but this seems really bad. Anyone that gets put on the Supreme Court is someone we’re going to be stuck with for decades. The idea that a sad jackass like Donald Trump […]

Six Figure Salary is “Low Income” in San Francisco


SFGate: The high cost of living likely accounts for what some perceive to be a “Bay Area exodus.” It’s hard to quantify such a trend with limited census data, but multiple reports imply Bay Area residents are at least thinking about leaving. For a family of four, $117,400 a year in San Francisco County is considered low income, and I totally believe that. The thing about living in the Bay Area is that it really […]

Preview of Sunlit 2.2


Manton just posted a preview of the next version of Sunlit on his blog, and it looks fantastic. I’ve been off of Instagram for a little while, so the new timeline view looks perfect for me. I’m still figuring out how to use the app, but I created my Camano Island post with Sunlit, and it worked really well.

RetroBatch Batch from Flying Meat


My friend Gus Mueller recently released a new app I heard about from him a couple of weeks ago called RetroBatch for batch image processing. I’ve done this kind of thing before with a shell script or Automator, but this looks way more powerful. If you’re familiar with Audio Hijack, it has a similar interface for setting up chains of processing steps, which seems perfect.

Opt Out of Junk Mail


For no reason today I thought to Google “opt out of junk mail”, which lead me to an FTC page which describes how you can do just that. It takes about ninety seconds. Go to to opt out of all credit card offers for five years. Pay $2 at and you can opt out of seemingly all other junk mail for ten years. We’ll see how it works, but I assume if it’s […]

American Democracy Is Doomed


American democracy is doomed – Vox: To understand the looming crisis in American politics, it’s useful to think about Germany, Japan, Italy, and Austria. These are countries that were defeated by American military forces during the Second World War and given constitutions written by local leaders operating in close collaboration with occupation authorities. It’s striking that even though the US Constitution is treated as a sacred text in America’s political culture, we did not push […] Now Available for Everyone


As of today, anyone can sign up for Manton Reece’s fabulous with a code or having been a Kickstarter backer. I’ve been using the service for the last several months, and it’s become a great community. I love how it’s able to pull in content from different sources via RSS and present it all in one timeline. If you want to follow me there, I’m @collin.

If Object-Oriented Programming Were Announced Today


Graham Lee has a post titled If Object-Oriented Programming were announced today: Here’s an idea: the current backlash against OOP is actually because people aren’t doing OOP, they’re doing whatever they were doing before OOP. But they’re calling it OOP, because the people who were promoting OOP wanted them to believe that they were already doing OOP. Basically, Graham argues that a lot of the “newer” paradigms are just OOP by a different name, and […]

The Run Loop Episode 2 with Manton Reece


This week on The Run Loop I was lucky enough to be joined by Manton Reece, creator of and long time Mac and iOS developer. We talk about working on independent projects, building communities, creating a social network that’s resistant to harassment, tabs vs spaces, and more! Please check out the show on it’s website and if you haven’t subscribed in your podcast player of choice, please do. Also, if you’re enjoying The Run […]