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Great Coffee Near WWDC


If you’re near Moscone West during WWDC and looking for coffee, you might find yourself defaulting to the nearest available option: Starbucks1. If, however, you want something a lot better and a lot more local, there’s no reason to settle for something you’re not crazy about. San Francisco is full of great local establishments. I know of at least three within walking distance I can recommend. Blue Bottle (0.3 mi) Right around the corner from […]

My One WWDC Prediction


Like everyone else, I have no idea what Apple might announce tomorrow morning. Tim was clearly not blowing steam when he said they were doubling down on secrecy. So here’s my one prediction: Helvetica Neue as the new system font for OS X 10.9. I was hoping for Myriad Pro — It has similar proportions and I think would fit great as a direct replacement for Lucida Grande that looks better on retina screens, but […]

Which Mobile Battery Pack You Should Buy for WWDC


If you’re attending WWDC next week, the one piece of gear that I think is more essential to getting than any other is getting some kind of mobile batter pack for your phone. No-matter what you do — including not using it — your phone will be constantly running out of battery the entire week. It’s important — and not too late — to get one before leaving, because the local Apple Store is likely […]