A couple of days ago I put up a little web thing called title.love to scratch my own itch of not liking any of the existing titlecasing websites out there that much (and to use a pretty great domain I own). I used David Gouch’s port of John Gruber’s original titlecase script, made a UI […]

If you’re someone using Ruby on Rails, I strongly recommend you go and clone the Real World Rails repo on GitHub. It’s a collection of full Rails apps that are open source which you can read the code for and see how different people are doing things. Quickly looking at the list, a couple of […]

Coming from languages like Swift and Objective-C, using a proper debugger where I don’t have to edit my code to log something or break, is pretty critical for tracking down issues quickly. So — I thought — we’re using puma-dev to run our Rails app during development, that’s a common setup, and so there must […]