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Swift NSManagedObjectContext Extension to Delete All Core Data Objects


I made this NSManagedObjectContext extension so that I could delete all of a users data when they log out of the app I’m writing. The alternative was to delete the sqlite file itself and reinitialize my Core Data stack, but that seemed potentially more problematic and less safe. The two instance methods on NSManagedObjectContext for deleting objects are: func deleteAllObjects(error: NSErrorPointer) Delete all objects in a context. Bails out and returns an error if there’s […]

Core Data Programming Guide Updated


I’ve used Core Data in most apps I’ve written since 2009, and I’ve felt for a long time is that the documentation was pretty lacking and out of date in a lot of places. I haven’t read it yet, but Apple has updated the Core Data Programming Guide today to “reflect current best practices and APIs.” I’m hopeful that things are getting a little better, but there’s apparently no reference to Swift, so, who knows.

UIManagedDocument for Core Data Apps


As someone who’s spent a lot of my career being the “Core Data guy” on many projects, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I hadn’t taken much of a look at UIManagedDocument until now. UIManagedDocument came around with iOS 5, and I think because it seemed vaguely iCloud related (it’s not), and because none of the apps I was writing were document based (they don’t have to be), I never gave it a second thought. […]