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Be Focused: Pomodoro Timing App


I don’t know about other people, but for me, if I want to be the most productive, it’s essential to have systems in place to help stay focused and remind me what I should be doing. Lately, I’ve been using an app called Be Focused for that. It’s a fairly basic app for doing Pomodoro style time tracking — although, if the idea of a “system” scares you, the app never calls it Pomodoro. I’ve […]

RetroBatch Batch from Flying Meat


My friend Gus Mueller recently released a new app I heard about from him a couple of weeks ago called RetroBatch for batch image processing. I’ve done this kind of thing before with a shell script or Automator, but this looks way more powerful. If you’re familiar with Audio Hijack, it has a similar interface for setting up chains of processing steps, which seems perfect.