I finished applying for a new apartment this morning in Campbell, so hopefully, that goes through quickly. Cupertino has been a fine place to live, but I’ll be happy to save a little money and have good coffee, bookstores, etc. be a bit more walkable.

The extra wide lens on the iPhone 11 is fantastic. I didn’t realize how much I’d use it, but I have been constantly.

Wasn’t sure if I had work today or not… but the full parking lot when I arrived sort of gave away that I did.

Decided the classic mouse ears are really the only way to go at Disneyland.

Me Feige, I don’t feel so good. I don’t want to go… to Sony.

Air conditioning is out in my office again. I think we have that kind where it only works when it’s below 80º outside?

Weight continues to trend in the right direction and the changes I’ve been making are still feeling maintainable. So that’s cool.

I recorded myself playing ukulele and singing a Mountain Goats song on my bed into GarageBand, and I’m kind of blown away that it sounds as good as it does. soundcloud.com/fisherman…

To quote the poet Fred Durst: it’s just one of those days.

Felt warm in my office yesterday, so I decided to bring in a thermometer to see what was up. It’s currently 82º in here. Ugh.

I don’t know what the consensus is on Automattic acquiring Tumblr, but my take is if you like Tumblr, you should be really happy. Verizon was going to continue ruining it until it died and now it’s owned by people who care about and understand exactly this sort of thing.

I’ve been playing music with a friend from work, and kind of annoyed that there’s already a band called “The Apples in Stereo” because that would have been the perfect name for our thing 😂

My new policy is to default notifications to off for anything that isn’t an actual person trying to get ahold of me (Messages, Slack, etc). It’s working out pretty well so far.

I only just recently found out “git checkout -” will take you back to the previous branch you were on. That’s pretty useful!

Would anyone be interested in starting an online book club with me? Converse over iMessage or email and then group FaceTime every couple weeks or so to discuss what we read? Could be fun?

I’d like to start integrating some of the ideas from the Slow Media Manifesto into the way I consume media. Consuming media and social networks aren’t bad, but they have to be used mindfully. en.slow-media.net/manifesto

Did you know you can do find/find and replace in Xcode using regular expressions? Most developer people probably know this, but the few who don’t should have their minds blown. I use this all the time.

Getting localization right in your app is a surprisingly tricky thing when you take into account RTL languages and regions using that use different number characters. Definitely the worst skill for me to have gotten a lot better at recently.

I am having a very Reginald Barclay kind of day.

I wouldn’t have minded it being a little bit smaller, but this is pretty handsome for a $100 watch.

This probably could have been predicted, but I have learned a lot in my first seven months or so at Apple, specifically with code, but in others ways too. Really pleased I chose to work with the team I did.

I’ve been using these Micron Pigma PN pens lately, and like them a lot. The lines end up being about as thick for me as the Micron 03 for me, are super dark, and waterproof, but feels a lot more durable. www.amazon.com/Sakura-Bl…

I would not have thought this, and sort of think it sounds silly to say aloud, but using the bullet journal kind of religiously for the last couple weeks feels like my mind has room to breathe and focus in a way it didn’t before. Unless that changes, I’m hooked. #bulletjournal

Here’s the key for the new bullet journal I’ll be using at the office. It makes sense for me to have a separate notebook for work and home to separate the two parts of my life, but it’s also 100% necessary so that nothing confidential ever leaves my office. @bulletjournal

I don’t know what it says about our society that “lose 15 pounds” is a perpetual item on everyones goals, but we never seem to get there. We’re all too worried about our body shape? We have terrible eat habits and it’s hard to maintain a healthy weight?