I’d like to start integrating some of the ideas from the Slow Media Manifesto into the way I consume media. Consuming media and social networks aren’t bad, but they have to be used mindfully. en.slow-media.net/manifesto

Did you know you can do find/find and replace in Xcode using regular expressions? Most developer people probably know this, but the few who don’t should have their minds blown. I use this all the time.

Getting localization right in your app is a surprisingly tricky thing when you take into account RTL languages and regions using that use different number characters. Definitely the worst skill for me to have gotten a lot better at recently.

I am having a very Reginald Barclay kind of day.

I wouldn’t have minded it being a little bit smaller, but this is pretty handsome for a $100 watch.

This probably could have been predicted, but I have learned a lot in my first seven months or so at Apple, specifically with code, but in others ways too. Really pleased I chose to work with the team I did.

I’ve been using these Micron Pigma PN pens lately, and like them a lot. The lines end up being about as thick for me as the Micron 03 for me, are super dark, and waterproof, but feels a lot more durable. www.amazon.com/Sakura-Bl…

I would not have thought this, and sort of think it sounds silly to say aloud, but using the bullet journal kind of religiously for the last couple weeks feels like my mind has room to breathe and focus in a way it didn’t before. Unless that changes, I’m hooked. #bulletjournal

Here’s the key for the new bullet journal I’ll be using at the office. It makes sense for me to have a separate notebook for work and home to separate the two parts of my life, but it’s also 100% necessary so that nothing confidential ever leaves my office. @bulletjournal

I don’t know what it says about our society that “lose 15 pounds” is a perpetual item on everyones goals, but we never seem to get there. We’re all too worried about our body shape? We have terrible eat habits and it’s hard to maintain a healthy weight?

Making myself a “habit scorecard” today by tracking things I do and marking what’s a positive, negative, or neutral habit.

I can’t get what Ezra Klein said in the clip I posted the other day out of my head. The United States isn’t a democracy, or a democratic republic, it’s something else. At least on the national level. Democracy-like? This didn’t start with Trump, but I also don’t know when it did.

There’s a new version of Soulver out! That’s an insta-buy for me. It looks fantastic with some features I will definitely use. Good review on MacStories. www.macstories.net/reviews/s…

A predictable side effect of waking up earlier is that by 6 pm I am already pretty tired 😴

Getting out of bed at 8 am consistently a few days in a row wouldn’t count as an achievement for most people, but it is for me, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Getting your first PR in before the morning standup is a pretty good feeling 💪

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, so probably not going to make it out tonight. I am going to try to get to the bash tomorrow though!

Ordered one of the new 15” MacBook Pros this week. Went for the 6 core model with a 1TB SSD and 16GB of ram. Feel like that was the right call, but the 32GB option was tempting.

Are there any good learn to draw apps on iPad that I’m not finding? Preferably something that supports Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity?

Getting on a plane to Portland for the weekend. Glad I remembered the Netflix download feature exists. Loaded up the AOC documentary on my iPad for the flight.

If you’re disappointed in Game of Thrones right now and need a new gritty fantasy series to get obsess over, I can highly recommend The Witcher books. They’re fantastic. Hopefully, the show will be good too when it comes out as well.

Has anyone tried any pet GPS trackers, and if so, have one you can recommend? Preferably one that will work for a small dog.

Don’t know what changed but Apple Music’s recommendations have gotten really good for me lately.

Fish is awesome, but mostly I have to share this blog post due to the abundance of puns it contains.

Fish: the command line shell that’s got me hooked - Backlog

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there aren’t any quite like this one.


Found this tool called BitBar which lets you write shell scripts (in any language, since it’s just based off text output) to put anything you want in your menu bar. It’s amazing. They even have a plugin directory on their website. https://getbitbar.com