Speaking of books, I’ve been reading more on Apple Books lately. Next up is Red Shirts by @Scalzi, which neatly was published DRM free on Apple Books.

I finished reading “How Democracies Die” last night. It was a really good book that put some new ideas in my head. Admittedly, it does not get any less terrifying, but I don’t think the goal was ever to make me feel better.

I’m about halfway through “How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. I suggest reading it if you like being terrified by how fragile democratic systems really are.


I don’t know how you do this legislatively, but my Presidential platform would definitely include replacing “no problem” with “you’re welcome” and “have a good one” with “have a nice day.”

So if you’re ever talking to me in person and I touch my ears for no reason, now you know why.

One of my greatest fears is going to an hour long meeting or lunch with a group of people and not realizing until after I had my AirPods in the entire time.

Today I learned only 10% of people have pollen allergies. That means 90% of everyone never has to experience what I’m going through. Fuck those people.

(Not you, of course)

Trying to get into this whole time tracking thing using @TimingApp. It’s pretty impressive! Watching all of the @MacSparky videos about it helped a lot in getting started.

Tip: The editing extension from iMovie is insanely useful for quickly removing sound and adding titles to short videos without leaving Photos.


Mayor Pete Is the Democrats’ Folksiest Heartland Hope. Really! - New York Magazine

Starting to feel like soldering things together and just having them not work at all is a critical part of learning electronics.

Ooh. Someone made a Calorie tracking app that looks like some taste went into it. Definitely going to give this a shot. www.macstories.net/reviews/c…

🎵 Apple Park doo doo doo doo doo doo 🎵

Whenever I read something which talks about how much X has gone up over the last thirty years, or how much more money Y made vs. twenty years ago and they don’t mention inflation one way or another, I assume they’re trying to mislead me.

It’s neat to realize that a lot of stuff you would imagine needing to program a microcontroller for can also be done with a few integrated circuits because, at the lowest level, they’re both just manipulating bits via input/output pins.

Learning electronics has been good for my programming skills in a very general way in that it makes you think at levels which are usually very far away while doing typical app development. Also it’s fun!

Added this little blue smoke monster I got from @Adafruit to my jacket. Hopefully, he won’t scare any children… or adults who have burned out electronic components and met him in real life.

All of the circuit design app options out there are… rough. I’m probably going to end up with OmniGraffle/paper until that becomes unsustainable.

There’s no reason to judge meat eaters if you’re vegan, and if you aren’t, don’t assume that most of us are judgmental or care what you eat. Vegan food is pretty good, and it’s good for the planet too. Just do what feels right to you ethically and for your body and move on.

Four days after surgery for a deviated septum, turbinate reduction, and getting Latera implanted, I am feeling mostly myself again. I made it into the office yesterday but was still too loopy for my brain to cooperate or get much done.

I had no idea how much I would enjoy having “Hey Siri” on my AirPods. The speed and reliability of it is really impressive.

I didn’t expect a mechanical pencil to be my new favorite thing, but there it is.

Honestly, in some ways I probably find vim a little less head scratchy than getting Sublime set up.

It turns out if you’re not afraid of typing you can become kind of passable at using vim in about a day, and it’s actually pretty cool.

I’m taking my new Doc Martens out for a walk around my old neighborhood in San Francisco today to take in the weather.