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My Analog Writing Tools


As much as I love computers and technology, I use paper a lot. I’ve used it for writing song lyrics most days since I was fifteen, blog ideas, sketching and a lot of other things. Systems and special ways to get things done are great, but not sustainable. The tools I’ve stuck with a long time are simple, and some haven’t changed since I was a freshmen in high school (I hope what I make […]

Tools to Make Software Less Dysfunctionally

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Someone on Twitter the other day sent me a message asking me what tools I was using when making apps for things like issue tracking, testing, managing tasks in a project, etc. I don’t know if I’m the best example of anything, but I can tell you what’s worked and not worked for me in the past. You Need to Write Things Down The biggest issues I’ve had working with others have come when the […]

Meslo Is a Better Version of Menlo


Meslo is a tweaked version of Apple’s Menlo font which fixes what I think has always bothered me about it — small vertical line spacing which makes it feel really cramped. Meslo also changes the alignment of the asterisk, which wasn’t bothering me as much, but is fine this way too. It comes in three varieties so you can pick the amount of space you like best. I’m giving 11pt Meslo LG M a try […]

Unsubscribe Rule for Apple Mail


I’ve been making a point lately to take back my inbox and actively unsubscribe from websites which send me unwanted email, and I’ve come up with a great trick to make doing that easier. All I did was create a new Apple Mail rule called “Unsubscribe” which looks at incoming messages for the word “unsubscribe” in the message content, and then set the color of that message to orange. I could probably go crazy and […]

Hipster Ipsum


Artisanal filler text for your site or project: Fugiat post-ironic aliquip authentic, pop-up kale chips Thundercats readymade Etsy Shoreditch vegan polaroid try-hard sed sustainable. Consectetur nesciunt Tumblr mixtape. Nostrud Tonx nihil aesthetic ugh. Raw denim try-hard Wes Anderson American Apparel, keffiyeh pickled actually whatever locavore. Reprehenderit Cosby sweater Pinterest velit mollit, +1 direct trade. Laborum nisi sunt, you probably haven’t heard of them delectus pug artisan synth freegan lomo squid. Aute laboris keytar fugiat High […]

Migrating From Octopress to WordPress


After several months of running this blog using the static blogging system Octopress, I‘ve moved back to self hosted WordPress. There’s a lot of things I liked about Octopress, and there’s a lot of things to not like about WordPress, so like everything, it really it just came down to which tradeoffs I could live with. The main benefits you hear about when moving to a static system like Octopress are: Your site won’t go […]

Back to Google Apps


About a month ago, I posted about how I was switching my work e-mail from Google Apps to Fastmail, and how it was just super. Well, after a month it wasn’t, and a couple of nights ago I switched back. Ultimately FastMail had a major issue I didn’t see any easy way to get around: the spam filtering. It just isn’t nearly as good as Gmail. There’s two ways spam filtering can fail: it can […]

From Gmail to FastMail


Late last week — due to nothing wrong with Google’s services — I turned off my Google Apps for Business account and switched my work e-mail over to FastMail. The reasons for switching weren’t that Gmail had done anything wrong, but that I valued the better OS integration of Apple Mail more than the features of Gmail, and that Apple Mail really sucks as a Gmail client. Why do I think it sucks? Well, the […]

How and Why I’m Using Evernote


I’m not sure what triggered it, but all of a sudden it seems as though the nerd world has gotten into — or back into — Evernote. Merlin Mann talked about it on his recent visit to Mac Power Users, Brett Terpstra said nice things about it on on Systematic recently, Gabe Weatherhead has been posting about it on MacDrifter and I’ve been obsessed with it the past several days as well. It’s also possible […]



Every iOS developer who’s ever complained to an Apple engineer or evangelist is familiar with hearing “file a Radar.” Unfortunately, Radar’s web interface is pretty clumsy. QuickRadar is a free menu bar app you can install that lets you easily file new bug reports to Apple via a global key command.