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Sticking With Tile After Trying Trackr

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I’ve used Tile trackers since they first came out on my keys, wallet, backpack — anything I didn’t want to lose. They’ve always worked well enough, but they were a little big, and I didn’t love that the batteries weren’t replaceable. For those reasons, I decided to give Trackr a shot. It’s way smaller and runs on a watch battery. Those are the good parts. The bad part is, it didn’t work. Yesterday I spent […]

An Automatic Watch for Under $100


When I mentioned the other day that I was interested in getting a non-smart watch which wouldn’t be so expensive I’d feel bad for not wearing it every day, I ruled out the idea of an automatic watch of any kind. It turns out I was wrong. There’s a bunch of options under $200. The ones which appealed to me the most were the Seiko brand watches. The one I ended up getting was a […]

Opinel N°8 Knife


I’m not a “knife guy,” but I wanted something to carry around that would be reliable for camping and general cutting things, so I picked up an Opinel N°8 at REI the other day. Works well, classy looking, and only about $15. The one I got is stainless still, but if they’d had it I would have gone with the carbon steel version.

Moving to Managed WordPress


Until now I’ve been hosting my blog myself using WebFaction, and it’s worked great. That was until a couple of months ago when I received a notification from my host that they’d detected malware in my WordPress install and my site would remain deactivated until I fixed it. As far as I could tell I was running the latest version of WordPress with a secure password. I have no idea what happened, although I’m reasonably […]

Installing Fonts Using Homebrew


I had no idea you could do this, but now that I do, but it turns out you can install fonts from the command line using Homebrew. That means I could write a shell script to install automatically most or all of the fonts I use on new Macs. I could even have the script in Dropbox and have it run periodically in the background using a launchd service to keep everything in sync. That […] Now Available for Everyone


As of today, anyone can sign up for Manton Reece’s fabulous with a code or having been a Kickstarter backer. I’ve been using the service for the last several months, and it’s become a great community. I love how it’s able to pull in content from different sources via RSS and present it all in one timeline. If you want to follow me there, I’m @collin.

A Great Qi Charging Stand for $20


I’ve been using this charging stand1 with my iPhone X for about three weeks, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It actually looks nice. One of the things I didn’t like about the other options was they tended to have a lot of ugly branding on them. It’s also exactly the right angle for Face ID, and isn’t picky about how you place your phone on it. Oh, and it’s only $20. Great present […]

Investing in Skills

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I’m pretty comfortable on the command line. I can move about, issue commands, edit my profile, pipe things around, all that. However — and I’m probably supposed to admit this with a little shame — I’ve never really learned how to write shell scripts. Usually I’d write a Python script, a small command line app, or hack something together with Automator. It did the same job, but not being able to write a bash script […]

Use SF Mono Outside of Terminal and Xcode

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I really like the SF Mono font Apple includes in Sierra and High Sierra (even more than Menlo), but for some reason it’s only available inside of Terminal and Xcode. So I’m out of luck when I’m writing in MarsEdit, BBEdit, or any other third party app. Fortunately, you can just copy the font from Terminal’s app bundle and install it so it’s available everywhere. Run this command from the Terminal and you’re all set: […]

Podcasting Gear (July 2017)

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I’ve switched about my gear quite a bit since I started podcasting, and I think things sound pretty good. I thought I would go ahead and share what I’m using, what I like about my current setup, and what I might change in the future. Microphone: Heil PR-40 The mic that I’m currently using, and that I’ve used on most episodes of The Run Loop is a Heil PR-40. I like the sound of it […]