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Morning Awakening Podcast

Mindfulness / Podcast

I’ve just posted the first episode of a new short-form podcast about mindfulness and meditation called Morning Awakening. It’s me talking about my practice, related topics I’m thinking about, and responding to audience feedback. I’d like to make it something I do on most days, but some of that will depend on how much response I get, so if you have any thoughts or feedback on a related topic, please send it via the contact […]

Podcasting Gear (July 2017)

Podcast / Tools

I’ve switched about my gear quite a bit since I started podcasting, and I think things sound pretty good. I thought I would go ahead and share what I’m using, what I like about my current setup, and what I might change in the future. Microphone: Heil PR-40 The mic that I’m currently using, and that I’ve used on most episodes of The Run Loop is a Heil PR-40. I like the sound of it […]

How to Sound Good on a Podcast

Other / Podcast

If you read this blog, you know that I do a weekly interview podcast called The Run Loop. The show (generally) has remote guests with different audio setups and level of comfort in front of a microphone, so I wanted to write a short tutorial I could send to future guests to prepare them to be on the show and get the best audio quality. I then realized it made a lot more sense to […]

Going to PodCon


I’m going to be attending PodCon in Seattle December 9-10, 2017: We even love podcasts we’ve never heard because we kinda like the entire idea of podcasts. Which is why we want to create an event that celebrates this medium/art form/whatever it is. We’re bringing together a diverse group of podcast pros in Seattle, Washington for two days of live podcasts, performances, discussions, workshops, and weirdness. It’s going to have awesome people like Roman Mars, […]

Laura Savino on The Run Loop


On the latest episode of The Run Loop, Laura Savino comes on the show to talk about natural vs computer languages, decipherable and readable code, and a lot more. Go check it out. For the audio nerds out there, Laura was using an Audio Technica ATR2100 dynamic USB microphone, and I can’t believe how good this mic sounds for $70. If you’re getting started in podcasting and don’t want to spend a ton of money, […]

Brent Simmons On The Run Loop


Brent Simmons stars on the latest episode of the critically acclaimed series The Run Loop. We talk about JSON Feed, past projects, and other things. Go check it out and subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

The Run Loop With Bob Cantoni


Bob Cantoni came on the show this week to talk moving from indie to working for a compoany, political activism, moving into product from engineering, and more. You can find it here. Subscribe, recommend, etc. Thanks!

The Run Loop Episode 2 with Manton Reece


This week on The Run Loop I was lucky enough to be joined by Manton Reece, creator of and long time Mac and iOS developer. We talk about working on independent projects, building communities, creating a social network that’s resistant to harassment, tabs vs spaces, and more! Please check out the show on it’s website and if you haven’t subscribed in your podcast player of choice, please do. Also, if you’re enjoying The Run […]