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Reading With a Pencil


This makes me feel as though I should be reading more books on paper, or at least have a notebook next to me when I read. Reading With a Pencil: I believe that the first step towards becoming a writer is becoming a reader, but the next step is becoming a reader with a pencil. When you underline and circle and jot down your questions and argue in the margins, you’re existing in this interesting […]


Sitting around working while I wait for fiber to get installed at my new place, which is clearly the most important part of moving. If anyone has a recommendation for a good router that works with CenturyLink fiber, let me know.

Opt Out of Junk Mail


For no reason today I thought to Google “opt out of junk mail”, which lead me to an FTC page which describes how you can do just that. It takes about ninety seconds. Go to to opt out of all credit card offers for five years. Pay $2 at and you can opt out of seemingly all other junk mail for ten years. We’ll see how it works, but I assume if it’s […]

American Democracy Is Doomed


American democracy is doomed – Vox: To understand the looming crisis in American politics, it’s useful to think about Germany, Japan, Italy, and Austria. These are countries that were defeated by American military forces during the Second World War and given constitutions written by local leaders operating in close collaboration with occupation authorities. It’s striking that even though the US Constitution is treated as a sacred text in America’s political culture, we did not push […]

Life Update


Astute readers/listeners/friends may have noticed that I haven’t published a new blog post or put up a podcast episode in the last couple months. And, there are reasons for that. I’ve been meaning to get everything going again, but life has managed to get in the way, so I thought I’d post a quick update. First off, I am no longer living in San Francisco. I moved from San Francisco to Seattle in September to […]

Up First by NPR


The Up First podcast from NPR is a morning briefing show that’s about ten minutes long; meant to catch you up on the most important news of the previous day. I’ve just started listening to it after having it recommended to me, and think it’s great. The episodes are the perfect length to listen to in the shower and pretty information dense.

How to Sound Good on a Podcast

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If you read this blog, you know that I do a weekly interview podcast called The Run Loop. The show (generally) has remote guests with different audio setups and level of comfort in front of a microphone, so I wanted to write a short tutorial I could send to future guests to prepare them to be on the show and get the best audio quality. I then realized it made a lot more sense to […]

Jean MacDonald On The Run Loop


This week on America’s favorite iOS development podcast listened to in forty out of fifty states, I was joined by Jean MacDonald of App Camp for Girls,, and more. We also talked about driving for Lyft and “crossing the geek divide.” Go find it here and don’t forget to subscribe in your favorite pod-catcher.