The Best Guitar Stands

Until I was about fifteen or sixteen, it seems like the only kind of guitar stand I ever saw looked like this:


Generic, and prone to falling over when bumped. These are no good. A trip to LA with my dad when I was in high school was the first time I ever saw an A-frame stand, that are now even more ubiquitous.


So, I’ve been using some variation of that for about fifteen years. This type is better because the guitar leans back slightly and the weight of the stand is distributed more evenly on the base, giving it a lower center of gravity. A lot of them tend to be kind of heavy, however, and they don’t fold up as nicely for carrying as you imagine they do.

After a show recently where I had to carry one of these along with some other gear, I decided to try something a little different. I purchased a couple of these Hercules stands for home:


What’s nice about these stands is that they fold up surprisingly small (Hercules also sells a carrying bag for them), are very stable and have these cool little grippers that fold in over the head stock when you’ve set the guitar on the stand:

IMG 2024

They’re a little more expensive ($40-50), but not much. I also bought one of their small floor stands which are like the regular heavy A-stands, but are much more light weight, at least as stable, and fold up extremely small:


Spending $40 or $50 on a guitar stand seems like a lot of money. But when you consider that your guitars probably cost at least several hundred or thousands of dollars, it’s silly not to spend an extra $20 or $30 for a better stand.

New Tracks to Check Out

I posted a couple of new tracks I’ve been working on that you can check out on my band site if you’re into that sort of thing. I sort of had the realization that at this point, my issue isn’t that too many people might hear my music, and that instead of sharing what I’m working on privately, I should post everything — demo versions, works in progress, etc — for free and see how people react.

Beta Test My Album

Over the past while I’ve been working with a stronger dedication to finish something I’ve had in mind for a long time: record and release an album of original music. Since I was fifteen I’ve been writing songs, during and after high school I had a band, and I’ve performed solo with varying frequency since then. Recording and releasing music is part of a much larger goal to alongside making apps (which I love and would never stop doing), to make music a large and essential part of what I do. I also decided to give it a name; I’m calling the project Fisherman’s Porch.

The reason I’m posting this now is that a couple of weeks ago I started thinking, “what if I beta tested my album the same way I do apps?” The idea is to put the music I’m working on in front of a group of people and see which songs and see how people react. The music is my own and personal, so I’m not saying I want to design an album by committee (that sounds like a way to make really crappy music), but maybe putting something out there now to a group of interested folks and seeing how people react to everything would be useful.

If you like folky, indie, acoustic music, maybe you can help. If you like musicians along the lines of Death Cab for Cutie, The Avett Brothers, Rock Votolato, David Bazan, etc, this might be something you’d enjoy. You can check out this short video of me performing to get a fairly good idea.

Technically the way I plan on doing this is to set up a Glassboard group and put up links to new tracks as I record them. They could be anything from a fairly produced album-ready version of a song, to live tracks, to something I recorded live into my iPhone.

I’m going to be honest and say that while I’m not looking to just be told me how great I am, I want this to be a positive experience that encourages me to finish the album, I’m really not looking for any negativity or to be told that I suck. If that’s how you feel, that’s fine, but please just keep it to yourself.

So if you’d like to be hear what I’m working on, it’s really easy. All you have to do is use this link to join the Glassboard and check out the tracks that I’m going to start posting. Really excited to see how this turns out.

Misconceptions About Sound Proofing Versus Treatment

A friend who wanted to sound proof the garage at her new house, so that her band could use it as a practice space, was asking for advice for how to do that cheaply via Facebook. The recommendations she got were to put up acoustic foam or egg crate material on the walls, and that’s totally wrong. The misconception people have is they don’t understand the difference between sound proofing versus treatment.

When you see a picture of a recording studio with acoustic foam on the walls, what that’s there to do is to cut down on uneven reflections and make the room sound better when you’re in it1. What foam or other acoustic treatment does not do is keep the sound in the room from escaping to the outside. In order to sound proof a space, you need to add a lot of mass — as in concrete or brick walls. Anyone who tells you something different doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  1. Foam is pretty bad for treating rooms too, because it’s too low density to stop bass reflections. Bass frequencies cause just as many problems as higher ones, so if you only treat high frequencies you end up with a room that just sounds kind of dead. Good studios use higher density material, like rigid fiberglass, and also diffusors to scatter the reflections and stop what’s called nodes

Pat Metheny on Many Reasons Kenny G Is a Douchebag

Pat Metheny is a well known jazz guitarist with three gold albums and twenty Grammys. He also really dislikes Kenny G. Somehow I ended up on this article where he talks about it, and it’s just great from beginning to end.

The best part is that if you ever meet a Kenny G fan, you now won’t need to be a jazz expert to explain in detail why he sucks. I can’t imagine that you ever will, but it’s good ammunition to have incase you ever met that one fan who won’t let “not for me” stand1

Besides thinking he sucks as a musician, he’s also pretty pissed about the time Kenny G overdubbed himself over a Louie Armstrong track, and in the paragraph after this one calls it “musical necrophilia”:

Not long ago, Kenny G put out a recording where he overdubbed himself on top of a 30+ year old Louis Armstrong record, the track “What a Wonderful World”. With this single move, Kenny G became one of the few people on earth I can say that I really can’t use at all – as a man, for his incredible arrogance to even consider such a thing, and as a musician, for presuming to share the stage with the single most important figure in our music.

Read the entire original article.

  1. Although, I really can’t imagine that anyone in 2013 is that big of a Kenny G fan.