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I Bought a $60 Smart Water Bottle and It’s Sort of Cool

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As of yesterday I believe I have hit peak millennial. It happened when I received my Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle in the mail. I wanted to start drinking more water, so I’d been using an app to track how much I drink for a few days. The app was fine, but it was easy to forget to do it every time I drank something and kind of a pain. The bottle tracks everything […]

Health Experiment (Week 1 Wrap Up)


The purpose of this experiment is to find out what would happen to my body and mind over 30 days if I tracked my calorie intake and I replaced drinking with exercise and meditation. My hypothesis is that I will lose weight, become stronger, gain better focus, and have less anxiety. Body From the day I wrote the original post (6/21) I have lost 1.8 pounds and my body fat percentage has gone down 0.9%. […]

Health Experiment (Day 7)


It’s the end of the first week! I’ll be following this one up with a wrap up post for the past days. Stats Weight: 167 (+0.4 lb / +0.24%) Body Fat %: 20.2% (-1.94%) Active Calories: 753 Total Calories: 2661 Calories Consumed: 2112 (549 Deficit) Exercise Vinyasa Yoga I am pretty certain that the Apple Watch is way underestimating how many calories I’m burning during yoga, but it’s the only tool I have, so here […]

Health Experiment (Day 6)


A relaxed Sunday. Walked enough to make sure I hit my move goal, but nothing else special. Stats Weight: 166.6 (+0.8 lbs / +0.5%) Body Fat %: 20.9% (-0.5%) Active Calories: 619 Total Calories: 2452 Calories Consumed: 1502 Calorie Deficit: 950 Exercise Walked to hit Apple Watch move goal (460) Mind Missed meditation. Nothing extraordinary to report.

Health Experiment (Days 4 & 5)


I managed to miss blogging over the weekend — so I thought I’d just combine Friday and Saturday days into one post. I went to yoga at my gym Friday, which was great. The new sort-of-related thing I did this weekend was that I managed to make it to the San Francisco Zen Center at 8:40am to attend their zazen meditation introduction and dharma talk. I’m going to try to start going regularly if I […]

Health Experiment (Day 3)


No extra exercise yesterday. I still made sure I hit my move goal on my Apple Watch, but I’ve decided to not try running again for a few days because of the knee thing. When I do start again, I’m going to try just doing it on a treadmill at the gym so it’s a little lower impact. I have managed to keep up with my standing desk all week. It’s actually not that hard. […]

Health Experiment (Day 2)


I almost didn’t go to yoga yesterday because I was afraid it would cause my knees to hurt more, but I did and it ended up not hurting them at all. I’ll probably replace running with a brisk walk or a bike ride for the next couple of days. I started two new things yesterday. A guided walking meditation, and the beginning of a 100 pushup program. I might use the guide for walking one […]

Health Experiment (Day 1)


Yesterday was a good day other than that my knees were still hurting from last week at WWDC, which made running less fun than it could have been. I don’t want to hurt myself, so I’m going to try switching to biking until they feel better. I also made a point after work to get things I could make for lunch so I won’t have to eat downtown as much. That should save make hitting […]

An Experiment to Get Healthy


Back when I was working from home in Portland my weight didn’t fluctuate that much. I ate reasonably healthy food, and I rode my bike and walked a ton. Without trying, I stayed around 145-150 lb for years (which was perfect for me). Working at an office and living in San Francisco the past couple of years, however, it’s become something I do need to start thinking about. I’ve been using a FitBit Aria scale […]