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My New Podcast: The Run Loop

Apps / Design / Dev

The first episode of my new podcast, The Run Loop, is now available in iTunes, Overcast, and wherever else great podcasts are found. You can also listen and subscribe on the shows website. The Run Loop will be a weekly discussion about making iOS and Mac apps with great designers and developers. In this episode I talk to my friend Samuel Goodwin about how he got started, peer mentorship, our trip to Japan, and more. […]

Creating StoryWorth for iOS 1.0

Apps / Design / Dev

I’m really excited to announce that a new app I’ve been working on for several months has come out today. The app is called StoryWorth, and you can download it now. It’s a companion to the website of the company I work for. StoryWorth lets you collect and share (with recipients you choose) your family stories. To get started, you invite a storyteller (mom, dad, grandma, etc), and then we start sending them questions. They […]

Updating an iOS 6 App

Design / Dev

Been working on a new version of an app of mine called Closeby that I haven’t touched since iOS 6. A few thoughts about the process: My design taste has come a long way in the last two years. Some features in I remember spending time on that now I can’t imagine why I’d want them. Others I didn’t do then seem obviously necessary and I have no idea why I didn’t. I really like […]

Band App Diary #1: Initial Design Thoughts

Design / Dev

If you read this blog lately, you know that I have (am) a band called Fisherman’s Porch, and that I’ve been making music for a long time. One idea I’ve had for a while has been to somehow combine my app making and music skills in an interesting way. I’ve also wanted a reason to do something with development that would give me some real world experience writing server side code. I’m going to follow […]

10 things designers need to know about iOS 7


Really good article that covers most of the high level changes in iOS 7 that designers need to be aware of: We’ve scoured Apple’s Transition Guide and picked out the 10 most important considerations for designers. Read on to find out what you need to know about iOS 7 and how it will necessitate changes to the way you present your content. You can read the entire thing here.