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Overcast 2


Overcast 2 by Marco Arment is now available on the App Store. I’m sure I use Overcast more than any other app on my iPhone, and I think people are going to really dig the new streaming feature. Since I think I’m one of the people for whom streaming isn’t really a big deal, my favorite feature is the ability to support Overcast by actively (and optionally) patronizing the app. None of the features are […]

NetNewsWire 4


The best is back! The folks at Black Pixel have shipped NetNewsWire 4 for Mac and iOS. I’ve already bought it from the App Store and it looks great. Congratulations to all of my friends at Black Pixel for getting this out the door. It’s been a long road, and I’m glad to see their work paying off.

Acorn 5

Apps / Tools

It’s a couple of days back now, but Flying Meat has released a new version of their fantastic image editor: Acorn. I’ve used Acorn for my work and personal projects since version 1.0 in 2008, and it’s incredible to see how far it’s come while still keeping the simplicity that made it so appealing in that first version. Gus is a friend — so don’t tell him I said this — but to me he’s […]

Real-World Testing with XCTest

Apps / Dev

Kind of old now, but I really like this post from the August issue of The two things that stood out for me was that it used XCTest instead of a third party testing framework, and that it gives real examples of how to approach which tests to write. I’ve been totally totally on board with the idea of unit testing for a long time, but my biggest hurdle has always been knowing what […]

iA Drops Syntax Control Patent, Internet Silent


Last week, the Internet exploded when the website for Information Architects new app, Writer Pro, mentioned the company filing a patent on a feature called “Syntax Control.” What the feature does is use Apple’s NSLinguisticTagger class to highlight syntactic components of your document (adjectives, nouns, etc), to help while editing. I’m not a patent expert, but based on what understand, I don’t believe in them. I’m willing to be flexible, but the point is I […]

DragonDrop Is the Mac Utility I Use Most


DragonDrop has been out for a while, but I still get asked about it whenever I use it during a presentation. Let’s say you’re dragging a document (an image for example) from one app or Finder location to another, and the thing you’re dragging to is obscured. Without DragonDrop you may be able to do some trackpad acrobatics, enable Expose and make it work without losing the file. If you have the app though, you […]

Introducing My New App: Braid Mail


A few months ago I started working with a team on an iOS mail app called Braid Mail. It’s been pretty crazy time, like I imagine most startups are. I’ve flown back and forth to San Francisco a bunch of times, had some late nights and a lot of trips to the Ritual Coffee cart in Hayes Valley. Version 1.0 came out not long ago, but I knew we’d be doing a few things with […]



My friend Justin Williams has just released his new photo viewing and management app, Photos+. It’s excellent. Photos+ can be used as a true replacement for the built in Photos app, and has the right features for hardcore photography nerds to love it without ever feeling the least bit complicated. In fact, if anything I’d say just getting around feels less complicated than in the system app, because it eschews a bunch of features I […]

Demobilizer Safari Extension


I was going through some links I’d sent to Reading List, and couldn’t quite remember what the Safari extension was which redirects you to the non-mobile version of a site. It’s called Demobilizer by June Cloud; the same company which makes the Delivery Status app (which I use a lot).

Short Review of Marked 2


A few days ago Brett Terpstra released a new version of his wonderful Markdown preview app Marked. It’s only available outside of the Mac App Store on its own site, and costs $11.99. The great thing about Marked is that even though it does a lot, you can ignore any features you don’t want easily. If all you want is Markdown preview for when you’re writing Sublime Text or BBEdit, you just have to launch […]