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Pico: A New Android Client for


I don’t use Android, but Pico by Belle B. Cooper’s new app Pico looks like a great choice if you do and want to use It’s also [open source]. Neat. I also enjoyed this part of her introduction post: More recently I tried out Mastodon. Mastodon feels a lot like Twitter to me in terms of the tone and the content you’ll see there. For those who like the idea of Twitter but find […]

Sticking With Tile After Trying Trackr

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I’ve used Tile trackers since they first came out on my keys, wallet, backpack — anything I didn’t want to lose. They’ve always worked well enough, but they were a little big, and I didn’t love that the batteries weren’t replaceable. For those reasons, I decided to give Trackr a shot. It’s way smaller and runs on a watch battery. Those are the good parts. The bad part is, it didn’t work. Yesterday I spent […]

Resource for Learning Drafts

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After I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how to get started with Drafts, Eli on pointed me to this great MacStories article on Drafts 5 by Tim Nahumck. It’s presented a review, but the article walks you through how to use almost every feature of the app, including advanced stuff like scripting. I think that the way I’m going to approach Drafts right now is that if all I ever use it for is […]

Preview of Sunlit 2.2


Manton just posted a preview of the next version of Sunlit on his blog, and it looks fantastic. I’ve been off of Instagram for a little while, so the new timeline view looks perfect for me. I’m still figuring out how to use the app, but I created my Camano Island post with Sunlit, and it worked really well.


I guess I really like text editing and writing apps. Need to spend some time to figure out where text should actually live instead of jumping around all the time.

RetroBatch Batch from Flying Meat


My friend Gus Mueller recently released a new app I heard about from him a couple of weeks ago called RetroBatch for batch image processing. I’ve done this kind of thing before with a shell script or Automator, but this looks way more powerful. If you’re familiar with Audio Hijack, it has a similar interface for setting up chains of processing steps, which seems perfect.

My New Podcast: The Run Loop

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The first episode of my new podcast, The Run Loop, is now available in iTunes, Overcast, and wherever else great podcasts are found. You can also listen and subscribe on the shows website. The Run Loop will be a weekly discussion about making iOS and Mac apps with great designers and developers. In this episode I talk to my friend Samuel Goodwin about how he got started, peer mentorship, our trip to Japan, and more. […]

The “Unsubscribe” Mailbox for Apple Mail

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I don’t know how I’ve ended up on so many mailing lists for products I don’t care about, but I am. I created this “Smart Mailbox” for finding any emails I’m receiving that can be unsubscribed to that aren’t archived. It works pretty well. Contains messages that match all of the following: Entire Message — Contains — “Unsubscribe” Message is not in Mailbox — “Archive”

New JSON Formatting App by Samuel Goodwin


My vivacious and charming friend Samuel Goodwin has just released a new app for formatting JSON called Formatter on the Mac App Store for the low price for $4.99. You can drag and drop JSON files right on it, or use the included Xcode plugin to turn your gross mess of brackets and parenthesis into artisanally crafted pretty printed JSON files. Another thing I like about Formatter is that it includes a QuickLook plugin to […]

Creating StoryWorth for iOS 1.0

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I’m really excited to announce that a new app I’ve been working on for several months has come out today. The app is called StoryWorth, and you can download it now. It’s a companion to the website of the company I work for. StoryWorth lets you collect and share (with recipients you choose) your family stories. To get started, you invite a storyteller (mom, dad, grandma, etc), and then we start sending them questions. They […]