Author: Collin

The Purpose of Meditation


Something I keep hearing from friends when they find out I meditate is that it’s not for them because they “can’t clear their mind.” The thing is, that’s not really what you’re trying to do. Our brains are machines designed to generate thoughts, there’s no use trying to stop it. The purpose of meditation isn’t to stop thinking; it’s to change the relationship you have with your thoughts and feelings. The way you get there […]


Considering a non-smart watch for wearing, and especially for outdoor activities when I don’t want screens. Looking for durable and classy. Mechanical is ideal, but I feel like it’s probably above my price range to fulfill what I want. Where’s a good place to start looking?

Discovery Park Hike


Link and I went on a walk with his wiener dog friend Ramen through Discovery Park in Seattle. It’s a really pretty spot right next to the water that’s worth checking out.

Opinel N°8 Knife


I’m not a “knife guy,” but I wanted something to carry around that would be reliable for camping and general cutting things, so I picked up an Opinel N°8 at REI the other day. Works well, classy looking, and only about $15. The one I got is stainless still, but if they’d had it I would have gone with the carbon steel version.


I visited the new Apple Store in Seattle at University Village the other day. It’s right next to where the old small one was, but probably three to four times the size and way nicer.

Thoughts on Apple Rebuilding Maps

Apple / Opinion

Eddie Cue gave an interview to Matthew Panzarino on TechCrunch where he detailed Apple’s project to rebuild Apple Maps using their data, instead of relying on partners, as they’ve done. Also, it’s launching with the next beta of iOS 12, so that was surprising. Since I just started driving a new car with CarPlay, I’ve been using Apple Maps for driving directions almost daily. And it’s been fine. In fact, in the places I’ve lived […]


I do not understand walking dogs off leash in a neighborhood. It’s dangerous for the dog, other animals, and everyone. Leash laws exist for a reason — animals do unpredictable things. We don’t get to decide our dog is unique and the rules don’t apply to them.


I moved Link’s bed next to where I work. All he’s wanted is to do is lay next to me and sleep all day (with only occasional breaks to defend us from/bark at people walking through the alley downstairs).