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Purchased a new kapok meditation cushion and matching zabuton from DharmaCrafts that I’m really liking. Considering a bamboo mat to cover the floor and maybe replacing my little bookshelf eventually.

Pico: A New Android Client for


I don’t use Android, but Pico by Belle B. Cooper’s new app Pico looks like a great choice if you do and want to use It’s also [open source]. Neat. I also enjoyed this part of her introduction post: More recently I tried out Mastodon. Mastodon feels a lot like Twitter to me in terms of the tone and the content you’ll see there. For those who like the idea of Twitter but find […]

Reading With a Pencil


This makes me feel as though I should be reading more books on paper, or at least have a notebook next to me when I read. Reading With a Pencil: I believe that the first step towards becoming a writer is becoming a reader, but the next step is becoming a reader with a pencil. When you underline and circle and jot down your questions and argue in the margins, you’re existing in this interesting […]

Morning Awakening Podcast

Mindfulness / Podcast

I’ve just posted the first episode of a new short-form podcast about mindfulness and meditation called Morning Awakening. It’s me talking about my practice, related topics I’m thinking about, and responding to audience feedback. I’d like to make it something I do on most days, but some of that will depend on how much response I get, so if you have any thoughts or feedback on a related topic, please send it via the contact […]

Reversing a Swift String in Place


One of the interview questions at my old job we’d ask sometimes was to reverse a string in place; usually using C or Java. After conducting an interview one time, I decided to rewrite it in Swift. Here’s what I came up with: func reverse(string: inout String) { var i = string.startIndex var j = string.index(before: string.endIndex) while i < j { let first = string[i] let second = string[j] string.remove(at: i) string.insert(second, at: i) […]

Sticking With Tile After Trying Trackr

Apps / Tools

I’ve used Tile trackers since they first came out on my keys, wallet, backpack — anything I didn’t want to lose. They’ve always worked well enough, but they were a little big, and I didn’t love that the batteries weren’t replaceable. For those reasons, I decided to give Trackr a shot. It’s way smaller and runs on a watch battery. Those are the good parts. The bad part is, it didn’t work. Yesterday I spent […]


Set up Tweet Delete to automatically delete anything I post to Twitter after 30 days. Maybe I’ll be sad someday not to be able to look back on what I was saying in 2009, but the direction I’m going is to post to places I control first, so maybe not.


My living room basically looks like an Apple ad now, but stereo HomePods really do sound pretty good (as they should for $700).


Went and used the automatic car wash today and picked up a little friend on the way home. Brown Bear Car Wash was pretty affordable and good for an automatic.


Just finished my first Peloton ride at my new house. Feels good to get my fitness and exercise rings closed by 11am.