Holiday Expense Tracking With Numbers


This year as I buy presents for the people closest to me, I’ve decided that I need to keep track of what I’m buying, how much I’ve spent and for who. There’s a couple of tools I could have used for this, OmniOutliner is a great fit for this kind of thing, and even plain text files could have worked OK, but ultimately a Numbers spreadsheet is the perfect place for keeping track of this information.

The columns I’m using to keep track of my purchases are: Purchased Date, Item, From, For, Confirmation #, Delivered and Price. One of the features I like best about Numbers is being able to right click any of the columns and select “Categorize by This Column”, which breaks the table up based on by any category I like such as who I’ve bought what for, or where I’ve purchased what from.

I find myself gravitating towards using the iWork apps whenever I can due to iCloud working so well with them. It’s like entering an alternate dimension where everything we were promised with iCloud has mostly come true.

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