Opt Out of Junk Mail

For no reason today I thought to Google “opt out of junk mail”, which lead me to an FTC page which describes how you can do just that. It takes about ninety seconds.

  1. Go to www.optoutprescreen.com to opt out of all credit card offers for five years.
  2. Pay $2 at www.DMAchoice.org and you can opt out of seemingly all other junk mail for ten years.

We’ll see how it works, but I assume if it’s linked to from the FTC website it’s pretty legit.

One thought on “Opt Out of Junk Mail

  1. Quite a few years ago, I was bored one day and actually took the time to read the fine print at the bottom of a credit card offer. Much to my delight, I discovered a mention of the site you just linked. I immediately opted out and within a month all of the offers stopped coming in, so I can confirm that it actually stops them.

    Also worth mentioning: if you’re getting a lot of store catalogs that you don’t want (clothing and household item retailers seem to be particularly bad about this), there’s a website called Catalog Choice that makes the process of unsubscribing easy. It doesn’t work for all of them, nor necessarily on the first try, but it beats trying to talk to them individually and directly.

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