Putting Code on Dropbox

On the latest episode of Under the Radar, David mentioned that he stores all of his code in Dropbox, rather than pushing and pulling to a Git repo to sync between his machines. Of course, he’s not an animal, so he also uses Git, just not for syncing between his personal machines.

I’ve never done this but once he said it, I was pretty much convinced and moved all of my code to a folder on Dropbox. Why wouldn’t I want the current state of my work, including what branches I was working on locally that I haven’t necessarily pushed to GitHub to be kept in sync so everything I need to work is automatically wherever I am?

In fact, if I’m just working by myself on a project by myself, I don’t even need to push it to GitHub at all until I want to share it with someone else in order to get the benefits of having my code backed up externally and kept in sync across my machines?

Am I crazy, missing something, or was everyone else already doing this?

1 thought on “Putting Code on Dropbox”

  1. For larger projects, an ObjectiveC iOS app e.x., I’ve seen the DropBox sync sometimes messing up the .git folder causing refs to point to wrong files. Mostly happend when not being able to fully or fast enough sync – like after switching branches.

    It was annoying enough to drop it, but I also had to switch systems frequently. If that’s really a problem is something everyone has to evaluate for themselves :)

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